Loss Prevention


POS Loss Prevention

In the retailing and food and beverage business, net profit margins are usually lower compared with other industries. However, these businesses also face the problem of disproportionate “loss” in their daily operation. This can include theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse or misconduct. Advantech’s POS Loss Prevention Solution provides data analytics of video content collected at the point-of-sale and throughout facilities to provide valuable information regarding out-of-bounds behavior. Prompt warnings of any 

abnormalities can then be sent via the cloud and mobile devices. The solution is designed to reduce preventable losses and optimize retailers’ business operation.




  • Payment transaction recording and monitoring
  • Integration with NVR and POS system
  • Pre-defined conditions of abnormal POS transaction behaviors
  • Instant warnings of abnormal operation
  • Quick query and Analysis of abnormal transaction
  • Key business metrics, reports and dashboards
  • Provides POS Loss Prevention CMS for branch store exceptional event analytic and Web Server for HQ’s cross store shrinkage management