AI Interactive Digital Signage


UShop AI Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Advantech’s UShop SRP-130, Interactive Digital Signage solution, not only delivers dynamic multimedia content with rich graphics for an immersive viewing experience for consumers, but also empower customers to get involved – broadcast different signage content regarding to shopper profile or interested goods through variety of IoT sensors includes facial detection camera, RFID readers or air quality sensors…etc. It adds interactivity to a digital signage network that opens up new worlds of possibility for both business and consumer




  • Convenient Centralized Management
  • Rich Widgets and Media Formats Supported
  • Visualized Layout Editing Interface
  • Easy to Configure and Update
  • Create and manage various type of interactive scenarios via different technologies including RFID, Kinect motion sensors, cameras and even air quality detection sensors
  • Can apply to various scenarios including retail stores, transportation hubs, corporate offices, stadiums, exhibition halls, and public spaces
  • Precised Marketing to Targeted Consumer