SM-5300 is a PC based weigh-labeller offering linerless function with the auto-cutter feature. It comes with an interactive 7-inch colour customer display that can present advertisements to drive sales and enhance customer service. It can also connect to InfoTag and e.Labels electronic tag for seamless price updates with minimum human interference.




– Linerless label print with built-in auto-cutter
– Watermark printing
– Speed ID
– Scale management software @LABEL
– InfoTag Electronic Shelf Label
– Integrated Queue and Collection System
– Interactive colour operator and customer display



Capacity Max 6kg Max 15kg/ 30lb Max 30 kg
Single Interval 1/ 3,000 e = 2g e = 5g/ 0.01lb e = 10g
1/ 6,000 e = 1g e = 2g e =5g
Capacity Max 3/ 6kg Max 6kg/ 15kg Max 15 / 30kg
Multi Interval 1/ 3,000 e = 1/ 2g e = 2/ 5g e =5 / 10g
Model SM-5300B (Bench) SM-5300P (Pole) SM-5300EV (Elevated) SM-5300EV PLUS (Elevated) SM-5300SSP (12.1″Self-Service) SM-5300SSP (19″ Self-Service) SM-5300H (Hanging)
Dimension (mm) 360(W) x 472(D) x 136(H) 360(W) x 500(D) x 542(H) 360(W) x 438(D) x 550(H) 360(W) x 438(D) x 637(H) 360(W) x 460(D) x 637(H) 442(W) x 480(D) x 757(H) 359(W) x 369(D) x 883(H)
Operator display, 7″ WVGA with Touch (800×480) Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
Customer display, 7″ WVGA
Display Resolution 1/ 3,000, 1/ 6,000 & 1/ 7,500
Number of Keys 28 Preset Keys/ 23 Alphanumeric Function Keys (for 7″ Operator WVGA with Touch Screen)
Label Types Liner / Liner less With Auto cutter
Liner Label/ Receipt Roll Diameter 125mm (Max)
Liner Label/ Receipt Printing Speed Up to 150mm/second*
Linerless Label/ Receipt Roll Diameter 95mm (Max)
Linerless Label/ Receipt Printing Speed Up to 100mm / second*
Power Source AC 100/ 110 or 220/ 230/ 240 Volts (50/60Hz) Auto Switch
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Humidity 15% to 85% RH
Standard Interface Ethernet 10/ 100 Base T, 4 x USB 2.0, RJ11
Net Weight 10.5kg 11.5kg 12.5kg 16.0kg 13.3kg 17.0kg 14.0kg

* To achieve maximum print speed, high sensitivity thermal paper is necessary. Contact DIGI for details.