Improved data-driven KPIs

Go further into details with ROI-focused analytics such as retail space allocation per brand or out-of-stock frequencies. Improved indicators will be generated to help you improve your store operations and management.

Instant anomaly detection

Through real-time monitoring, no stockout, no product misplacement will go and remain undetected.

Real-time shelf status

With computer vision and machine learning, our software is now able to create real-time realogram displaying on-shelf products and their key information: position, price, product name, etc…



Key functions

  • Computer vision based out-of stock recognition
  • Computer vision based automatic geolocation
  • Computer vision based facings validation
  • Self-learning algorithm based on machine learning
  • Event handler for any kind of anomalies
  • Data-driven KPIs dashboard
  • Augmented reality live dashboard
  • Inventory visible on the realogram

Key benefits

  • Geolocation of all products linked to VUSION Labels
  • Improve availability by identifying out-of stock items and ensuring their availability
  • Enhance visibility through planogram compliance
  • Augmented reality features for brand-retailers negotiations
  • ROI-focused KPIs (stockout frequency, space allocated per brand…)
  • Anomalies and stockout alerts in real-time
  • Reduce auditing costs
  • Guaranteed shelf compliance & facing validation