Precise In-Store Product Positioning

Wireless network between ESLs for product positioning and realogram Based on the Geolocation, the retailers can get a realogram within seconds with the positioning of products on store shelves, this has a significant effect on sales. Thanks to the VUSION Geolocation system, retailers will have the strongest and most cost-efficient tool to build up a real-time planogram. Multiple benefits come with the Geolocation solution, retailers can now ensure merchandising excellence at every level and have an instant view of the products in store. This data can also be integrated in the retailers app to help staff and clients easily locate products in-store. Order preparation is also improved through an optimized path to search and find products.



Key functions

  • Precise Product Geolocation
  • Real-Time Planograms
  • Merchandising Compliance

Key benefits

  • VUSION Labels Based
  • Controlling and improving the planogram compliance in real time
  • Controlling and monitoring the retailers‘ shelf KPIs to include the right product, time, price, quantity, place and number of facings
  • Getting a full automated real-time 2D planogram of the products and prices in-store