Accelerate your in-store picking execution

Easy Search, Easy Find

Searching one single product on your shelf could take time. Searching products, on a lot of shelves takes time. OptiPick can significantly reduce the order preparing time and optimize in-store picking.

Through precise product geolocation, OptiPick creates an optimized path in-store to stop wasting time and find easily the products thanks to a 180° LED flash blinking in the shelf.



Key functions

  • Geolocation-based picking
  • Fast Product Location
  • LED Flash Blinking
  • Order preparation optimization

Key benefits

  • Decreasing 30% Preparation Time
  • Decreasing 50% Missing Products
  • Increasing 30% Picking Productivity
  • Reducing significantly order preparation time
  • Interfaces with ERP, POS and e-commerce platforms via V:Cloud
  • RGB LED Flash with individual color assignment for each order
  • Store maps to optimize guided picking