The Store Traffic Analysis Solution can track every shopper and create reports with their movement and activities such as: Passersby, Impression and Dwell. The heat map can sense how many shoppers passed any point in the store, where they stopped and how much time they spent browsing (dwelling) in one location.

  • Detailed and easy to understand store traffic reports.
  • All aspects of store interactions.
  • ‘Passersby Impression and Dwell’ data.
  • Effortless identification of ‘hot & cold’ spots.
  • All design glitches detected; find out mental fences at the store.

“The Store Traffic Analysis Solution with useful insights into shopper’s behavior”

The ‘Store Traffic Video Analytic Engine’ can precisely understand instore human activities.


The shoppers walking and browsing are classified as ‘Passersby’


When a shopper stops at a point, it is considered an ‘Impression Event’


The intelligent software can also measure the time spent by the shoppers at a particular place.