Achieve a state of readiness by pre-commissioning facilities, system integration tests, onsite installations, operational training and go live standby support.

Gather Requirements

Help by collecting products from suppliers and store and stage all equipment for a new location/store.

Pre - Commissioning

Build and preload configuration according to the customer’s SOP, in order to ensure all equipment is functional.

System Integration Test

Full-loop testing of system prior to installation takes place onsite which eliminates faults and reduces installation time.


Depending on your business needs, the installer will be given the option of administrator and terminal installation. It is advisable to have administrator rights on the system.


Improve understanding of functions, and also the technical knowledge behind operating a point-of-sales which includes troubleshooting equipment and minor functions such as changing receipt rolls.


If you have never used a POS system, the thought of using one might seem overwhelming.  Our experienced technicians can provide expert support for the first day or as required.