With the iRES program, it helps you to manage your shop more easily.

Friendly Use

can be made in many types and customize the screen according to the operation of users a system that allows you to light up every part.

Fast Sales

with barcode sales, product group code and product search

Support For Future Technologies

PC-based scale, self-checkout




Friendly use

  • Sales type covers all retail businesses, restaurants, shops.
  • Manage queues for customers waiting to access the service.
  • Advance booking and pre-booking
  • Seat layout can be adjusted graphically according to shop’s floor plan.
  • Specify menu type for unlimited items.
  • Unlimited payment types.
  • Currency Support.
  • Time to go out and make a basic labor.
  • Record employee schedules on a day-to-month basis.

Maintain excellent security

  • Define user groups such as Admin Supervisor Manager.
  • Assign access permission to individual function in user groups.
  • Employees can keep their names, gender, access codes, store access codes.
  • Assign access permission to each employee stripe function.
  • Determine the employee’s termination date in case the employee resigned.
  • Set up the language for your employees such as Thai, English, Laos.

No worry about raw materials lost with stock check system

  • Support for products and raw materials count.
  • Supports recipes, batch recipe control.
  • System documentation supported
  • Report on raw material movements and balances with iRES report.

Know the updated sales revenue

  • Send sales revenue in SMS format to owners.
  • Update sales revenue to executives’ and owners’ email.
  • Track the movement anywhere anytime from any web browser.
  • Dashboard supports viewing of snapshots.

Become a SME and Enterprise with Franchise

  • Unlimited stores in the company, such as restaurants, cafes in the same store. Distribution to GP stores.
  • Set up a data connection between the company and the head office.
  • Can address the company.
  • Determine how to deduct money in case of penny.
  • Create branches forgot many companies.

Supports future technologies

  • Can be connected to PC-based scales.
  • Can connect to Self-checkout machines.
  • Can connect to member system.